Andrea Mitchell: Clinton Avoided Her Record at State 'Because There Are a Lot of Missteps There'

Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign announcement focuses on domestic issues like economic inequality, but purposefully left out a critical part of Clinton’s resume: her foreign policy experience.

"There is no foreign policy in her video," NBC’s Andrea Mitchell said. "She’s not focusing on her years as Secretary of State, and that’s most likely because there are a lot of missteps there."

As Secretary of State, Clinton oversaw four years of U.S. foreign policy. The Russian reset that wasn’t, the incomprehensible death toll in Syria, the war in Libya, being caught off guard by the Arab Spring, failure to account $6 billion in contracts, conflict of interest accepting foreign donations to her foundation, and potentially illegal use of a private email and server without any signature diplomatic breakthroughs are obviously themes Clinton would like to avoid talking about.

"With the growth if ISIS and toppling of leaders in Egypt and Libya not working out – failed states everywhere you see. There is not a whole lot to look at and the embrace of Iran and those negotiations are still controversial," Mitchell said.

"People are taking a very cold, hard look at that. So the verdict isn’t in on the engagement policy of the president and she was in on the launch of all of that."

What was once Clinton’s strength, her foreign policy experience, has now turned into a liability as the Middle East is in chaos.