2019 Man of the Year: Thomas Cuthbert

December 27, 2019

During the D-Day invasion, Thomas Cuthbert was an 18-year-old British soldier serving on a landing barge oiler off Utah and Omaha beaches. Luckily he made it through the war and survived the bombings. Only now at age 93 has he finally been struck by a bombshell—Melania Trump.

At a June reception in Portsmouth, England, commemorating the 75th anniversary of Operation Overlord, Cuthbert had the opportunity to meet President Donald Trump. "He surprised me," Cuthbert told the press. "When you see someone on the TV but he seemed different, he seemed one of the boys." Then he met the first lady.

"And this is your wife?" Cuthbert asked the president. The old Tommy, whose pulse must have been racing faster than a Spitfire, leaned in and said, "If only I was 20 years younger!" He was practically ready to storm her beachhead.

The president, who is, in fact, 21 years younger than Cuthbert, said with assurance, "He could handle it, no question."

We don't doubt it. At the same reception, Prince Charles asked the stalwart veteran about his time at sea. "As they were saying, the smell of the fuel and people being sick must have been terrible," said the Prince of Wales. "I remember being in the navy and always being sick, and there was always someone who was never sick and would always appear with a mug of steaming soup."

We imagine Cuthbert was one of those guys with the mug of steaming soup.

On Good Morning Britain, Cuthbert was asked what prompted him to hit on the first lady. "Mind you that she was a very attractive lady," he explained. "That's what it was. Much taller than me though." "Well done!" said host Piers Morgan.

Well done, indeed. Besides his involvement in the greatest armada ever assembled, Cuthbert served in Burma and is a recipient of the Legion D'Honneur. But best of all, he is now a Washington Free Beacon Man of the Year.

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