2013 Man of the Year: Satan

Satan / Twitter
December 29, 2013

The Lord of Darkness had a pretty solid year in 2013. He was one of the stars of the History Channel’s wildly successful miniseries "The Bible." But his offscreen antics may have been even more notable.

From the shoddy website to the leaked personal information to the constant lying by Obama administration officials, the debut of Obamacare was a sure sign of the devil’s prankster-like nature. The Secret Service fell prey to temptation of a sexual nature on a number of overseas missions. Religious believers find themselves under assault from the Obama administration for refusing to pay their employees' contraception and abortion-inducing pills. And someone was whispering in Lois Lerner’s ear when she misused Tea Party tax info.

It’s not just those controlling the levers of government who have found themselves under Satan’s sway. Who do you think convinced Miley Cyrus to twerk? Who do you think surrounded Robin Thicke with beautiful, naked women? Who do you think fills Chris Brown with rage? Who do you think introduced Amanda Bynes to drugs? Why do you think Kim and Kanye have procreated?

Satan’s influence on America is as strong as ever. And that’s why he’s most definitely one of 2013’s Men of the Year.

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