2013 Man of the Year: Lawnmower Man

Lawnmower shutdown man
Lawnmower man / Facebook
December 28, 2013

October’s Shutdown Theater had all of the components of a compelling drama. Democrats and Republicans waltzed over Obamacare through the Halls of Congress. Meanwhile, on the gilded streets of the Capitol City, A Million Vet March protested Federal Park Stormtroopers for fortifying national monuments. And a man alone, armed with a half-a-horsepower lawnmower, was the sentinel for Freedom.

Like most Americans, Chris Cox was incensed by the stalemate in Washington. But as most of us stared on and did nothing, Cox sprang into action. Cox, a lifelong admirer of this nation’s proud veterans, believed they deserved a sterling space to demonstrate. Motivated, Cox packed up his lawnmower and rake and journeyed to Washington.

Cox slaved for 10 to 12 hours a day as he combed the twenty blocks between the Lincoln Memorial to the Capitol building, raking refuse, trimming the lawn, and hauling garbage. Tourists offered food, water, and cash donations, which Cox mostly spurned until he began paying off the hundreds of dollars in draconian parking fines he accumulated in his efforts.

After the 16-day standoff ended, Cox was recognized with a top-of-line MS-660 professional chainsaw, which will be put to immediate use in Cox’s day job as a wood artist. He also received over $1,700 to expand his one-man band into a nationwide network of likeminded Good Samaritans to manicure lawns and parks everywhere from the Atlantic to the Pacific.

A public servant in the truest sense, Cox set a standard for all of us to follow.

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