Pundits Slam Israel for Hosting 'Anti-Semite' Elon Musk, Demand State Make Peace With Hamas

(Benjamin Netanyahu/Twitter)
November 29, 2023

Left-wing commentators railed against Israel for hosting Elon Musk this week, arguing the Jewish state should have shunned the billionaire entrepreneur over anti-Semitic tweets. But many of the same people have demanded Israel make peace with Hamas despite the terrorist group's massacre of Jews on Oct. 7.

It's the latest example of the media's selective moral outrage about Israel's war with Hamas.

Musk on Monday toured one of the Israeli communities that was hardest hit on Oct. 7, watched footage of Hamas's atrocities, and met with victims. Israeli president Isaac Herzog at one point chastised Musk for the anti-Semitic content on X, formerly Twitter. During the visit, Musk expressed support for Israel, called for the destruction of Hamas, and agreed that his satellite internet company, Starlink, would only operate in the Hamas-run Gaza Strip with Israeli approval.

According to Israel's left-wing critics in the media, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his government put the Jewish people at risk by diplomatically engaging with Musk, who two weeks earlier endorsed an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory on X. At the same time, however, the critics have demanded Israel embrace a negotiated settlement with Hamas, a virulently anti-Semitic organization that recently vowed to keep up its genocidal violence for as long as it takes to destroy the country.

Esther Solomon, editor-in-chief of Haaretz English, on Musk:

Solomon on Hamas:

Ben Samuels, U.S. correspondent at Haaretz English, on Musk:

Samuels on Hamas:

Mairav Zonszein, senior "Israel-Palestine" analyst at Crisis Group, on Musk:

Zonszein on Hamas:

Michelle Goldberg, New York Times columnist, on Musk:

Goldberg on Hamas:

Mehdi Hasan, MSNBC host, on Musk:

Hasan on Hamas:

Wajahat Ali, columnist at the Daily Beast, on Musk:

Ali on Hamas:

Ayman Mohyeldin, MSNBC host, on Musk:

Mohyeldin on Hamas:

Amy Spitalnick, CEO of Jewish Council for Public Affairs, on Musk:

Spitalnick on Hamas:

Kenneth Roth, former executive director of Human Rights Watch, on Musk:

Roth on Hamas:

Yonah Lieberman, co-founder of IfNotNow, on Musk:

Lieberman on Hamas:

Some of the critics of have a record of tolerance for anti-Semites not named Musk.