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‘Is That a Real Thing?’: Reid Hoffman’s AI Chatbot Says the Democratic Megadonor Never Met Jeffrey Epstein

Inflection AI doubts the liberal megadonor met Epstein because he is ‘known for his commitment to social justice’

May 5, 2023

Rocket Explodes on Kamala's Watch

Controversial VP chairs the National Space Council

April 20, 2023

Fauci Fumes After Elon Musk Calls for His Prosecution

Emails show Fauci commissioned February 2020 paper to dismiss lab leak theory

March 13, 2023

FTC Hires Anti-Musk Activist Amid Agency’s Investigation of Twitter

New hire Sarah Miller highlights close relationship between FTC and left-wing advocacy groups that objected to Musk's Twitter takeover

March 10, 2023

Mystery Solved: Left-Wing Billionaire Pierre Omidyar Bankrolls Shadowy Anti-Musk Group

Omidyar money behind organizations pushing corporate boycott of Twitter

February 21, 2023