CNN Anchor Sports Pricey Resistance Cashmere Sweater

December 10, 2020

CNN's Kate Bolduan anchored her show Thursday in a $380 cashmere sweater bearing the network's "Facts First" slogan.

The "Facts First" sweater is among a collection of other pricey, partisan garments hand-stitched by the feminist New York City brand Lingua Franca. Other items in the collection include a $160 "Stable Genius" children's sweater, a $380 "USPS Forever" sweater, and a $380 "I'm Speaking" sweater, a reference to a words spoken by Kamala Harris during her debate with Vice President Mike Pence.

CNN's head of strategic communications Matt Dornic bragged on Twitter that he owned the same $380 sweater.

Bolduan tweeted later that the sweater was a "special gift from a very good friend after a long year."

Lingua Franca also sells sweaters bearing the social media-inspired term "Cuomosexual," a term coined by fans of New York governor Andrew Cuomo (D.).

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