ANALYSIS: This Photo of Left-Wing Activists Jen Psaki and David Hogg Will Make You Question Everything

'My dental hygienist has that exact same outfit!'

July 20, 2023

What happened: David Hogg, the former progressive pillow executive, posted a photo of himself hanging out with former White House press secretary Jen Psaki on Wednesday after taping an episode of Inside with Jen Psaki on MSNBC.

• Social media users posted their reactions to the photo, which ranged from very positive to very negative.

The photo: Washington Free Beacon readers are welcome to draw their own conclusions.

What they're saying: Opinions were passionate on both sides after Psaki reposted the photo on her Twitter account.

• "So tall! Looks like a very young Abe Lincoln!" (Context: Hogg is 5'10"; Lincoln was 6'4". Donald Trump identifies as 6'4", which may or may not be why the two men are generally considered to be the most successful presidents in American history.)

• "Abe wasn't a gun grabbing commie."

• "Caption: 'Two very good humans.'"

• "Two members of the lollipop guild."

• "Two of my favorite people! Thank you both for fighting for Democracy!"

• "Two ladies hanging out."

• "Two wonderful people. Can't wait see what's in store for you."

• "Two paid liars."

• "David Hogg, is a very IMPRESSIVE young man.! GOD'S Speed To Him"

• "I swear this is Beto Jr in the making."

• "I hope you're running for office! Are you old enough yet?"

• "A Ginger and a Soy Boy… how fitting."

• "My dental hygienist has that exact same outfit!"

• "You talk about his orthopedic shoes?"

• "The real crisis is your outfit. Hire a stylist."

• "Do either of you eat food?"

• "Looks like a dental hygienist and slender man."

• "It's unfortunate, Jen looks short and stocky next to that tall, bone-thin lady."

• "Britain, Germany, Françe, USA owe the Kurds a state."

Context: Here's how the extraordinary physiques of Psaki and Hogg stack up compared with that of NBA rookie Victor Wembanyama.

Bottom line: Height matters. Just ask former president Barack Obama (6'1"), who expressed concern in 2020 that Pete Buttigieg (5'8") was "too short" to win a presidential election.

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