WATCH: Jake Tapper Takes Shot at Mother of Hunter Biden's Unacknowledged Child

July 12, 2023

CNN host Jake Tapper accused Lunden Alexis Roberts, the woman whom Hunter Biden impregnated and left alone with their child, of having ties to the "far right."

Tapper, who was booted off prime time last year due to poor ratings, justified smearing Roberts because she had retained a former Donald Trump aide as an expert witness in her lawsuit against Biden.

"We should point out, just for the sake of fairness," Tapper said, "that [the child's] mom, who you know had the incident with Hunter … has been caught up in some far-right folks, that Ziegler guy."

Garrett Ziegler, who worked under Trump adviser Peter Navarro, has published a 600-page report on Biden's abandoned laptop. When Roberts was working with Ziegler in May, Biden's legal team appeared concerned about the former Trump aide's testimony and tried to have him disqualified as an expert, the Washington Free Beacon reported.

Biden and Roberts have since reached a settlement in the lawsuit.

President Joe Biden has refused to acknowledge Roberts's child as one of his grandchildren, leading even some liberals to criticize the president. In a New York Times column titled "It's Seven Grandkids, Mr. President," Maureen Dowd criticized the president for showing a "cold shoulder—and heart" by not acknowledging his granddaughter.

"Joe Biden's mantra has always been that 'the absolute most important thing is your family,'" Dowd wrote. "Callously scarring [his granddaughter's] life, just as it gets started, undercuts that."