WATCH: Israeli Commandos Enter Hospital Disguised as Nurses To Take Out Terrorist Cell

January 30, 2024

Israeli commandos on Tuesday entered a West Bank hospital disguised as nurses and other civilians to take out three terrorists, one of whom the military said was planning an imminent attack.

Video showed the soldiers dressed as medical personnel, women wearing hijabs, and a man holding a baby carrier as they moved through the Ibn Sina hospital. They killed Mohammed Jalamna, whom the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said in a press release was a Hamas terrorist sending weapons to other operatives and planning an attack inspired by Oct. 7. The IDF accused him of using the hospital as a hideout.

The commandos also killed brothers Mohammed and Basel Ghazawi, who were involved in the activities of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad terror group, according to the release.

Hamas confirmed that Jalamna was a member of its Qassam Brigades, the terror group's military wing, while Palestinian Islamic Jihad said the Ghazawi brothers belonged to its own armed Jenin Brigades, Reuters reported.

Dr. Naji Nazzal, the hospital's director, told the outlet that Basel Ghazawi was receiving treatment for a spinal injury he sustained in October, which paralyzed him.

"They executed the three men as they slept in the room," he told the publication. "They executed them in cold blood by firing bullets directly into their heads in the room where they were being treated."

Israel and the West have long accused Hamas terrorists of hiding in hospitals and using the patients as human shields. Earlier this month, the United States assessed that Hamas used Al Shifa, the Gaza Strip's largest hospital, as a command center. The IDF released a December video in which Ahmad Kahalot, the chief of Gaza's Kamal Adwan hospital, admitted to being a Hamas general and said that senior Hamas officials had private offices in the facility.