US Drills for Possible ‘Hamas-Style' Attack From North Korea

October 27, 2023

South Korean and U.S. military officials are drilling in preparation for a possible "Hamas-style" attack by North Korea, South Korea said Friday.

The military exercises are to ready for possible "Hamas-style surprise artillery attacks" from the north, South Korean military officials said.

The news comes as Israeli forces have delayed their expected ground invasion of Gaza to give U.S. forces time to set up anti-missile defenses at regional bases.

North Korea's extensive artillery arsenal poses a serious threat to Seoul, the Jerusalem Post reported:

Experts say the North’s forward-deployed long-range artillery guns can fire about 16,000 rounds per hour in the event of a conflict, posing a serious threat to Seoul, which is about 40-50 kilometers (25-30 miles) from the border.

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