The Next Bud Light? Miller Lite Under Fire for Feminist Commercial

Miller Lite is facing criticism for a weeks-old ad that pushed a feminist message, months after Bud Light promoted a partnership with a transgender influencer that started a massive boycott.

"So here's to women," comedian Ilana Glazer says in the ad, which Miller Lite published in March for Women's History Month. "Because without us there would be no beer."

Glazer explains that women have made beer throughout history and the beer industry has not paid them enough credit. The ad criticizes beer advertisements that feature women in bikinis.

Glazer refers to any ads of women in bikinis as "s—" and reveals Miller Light's campaign to collect sexist beer advertisements and convert them to compost.

While the ad was released in March, it resurfaced Monday, attracting new scrutiny amid the boycott against Bud Light.

"It seems Miller Lite doesn’t understand their audience either," one Twitter user said.

"Miller Lite thinks women are fragile victims. Bud Light doesn't know what a woman is," said another. "Is it too much to ask to just brew beer instead of meeting your ESG requirements?"

The backlash against Miller Light comes after Bud Light sparked a conservative boycott in April when it partnered with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney. Sales of the beer are down more than 20 percent in volume from this time last year.

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