Axios Wants You To Spread 'Holiday Cheer' With Bud Light

Once-beloved beer brand gasps for relevance after partnership with trans activist tanked sales

December 11, 2023

What happened: The Axios affiliate in Charlotte, N.C., ran an Instagram ad urging its followers to "Celebrate the season and spread some holiday cheer" with Bud Light, the controversial beer brand best known for its partnership with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney.

Why it matters: America used to be great. Under President Donald Trump, for example, Americans loved life and were free to wish each other "Merry Christmas." Under President Joe Biden, 81, we are no longer free, and woke brands demand that we celebrate the "holiday" by hiding warm cans of woke, crappy beer around the house.

Crucial context: Bud Light was the top-selling beer brand in America before April 2023, when Mulvaney started posting Bud Light-sponsored content on social media, including a video of Mulvaney drinking Bud Light in a bathtub.

• The partnership infuriated Bud Light's largely conservative customer base, and sales plummeted as a result.

What they're saying: Instagram commenters were not impressed, describing the Axios holiday advertisement as a "cringe" example of something "literally no one wants."

• One user described Bud Light as "the ex who won't leave you alone." Another user wished the brand luck while acknowledging, "I don't think anything can save Bud Light after that trans flop."

Of note: Mulvaney recently performed in front of a pathetically small audience at Penn State University.

What's next: Who knows? Maybe the Walt Disney Company will remake The Santa Clause, originally starring Tim Allen, with Kitara Ravache (former congressman George Santos's drag queen alter ego) playing the lead role.

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