WATCH: Former Intelligence Agent Testifies Under Oath That US Has 'Nonhuman Biologics' From UFOs

July 27, 2023

David Grusch, a former intelligence officer for both the Air Force and the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, on Wednesday told Congress that the United States has retrieved nonhuman "biologics" from a UFO crash site.

"If you believe we have crashed craft, as stated earlier," Rep. Nancy Mace (R., S.C.) asked Grusch, "do we have the bodies of the pilots who piloted this craft?"

"Biologics came with some of these recoveries, yeah," Grusch responded.

"Um, were they, I guess, human or nonhuman biologics?" Mace asked.

"Nonhuman," Grusch answered.

Grush's Wednesday testimony is the first time he has asserted under oath that the U.S. government is in possession of "biologics" from nonhuman pilots. Members of Congress also questioned two Navy pilots who recounted their encounters with UFOs and stated that existing military infrastructure is inadequate for investigating the encounters. The witnesses also reported a stigma associated with reporting UFO sightings.

Grusch promised to provide Mace with a "specific cooperative and hostile witness list" to help guide future investigations.

This is not the first time that government employees have lent legitimacy to claims of extraterrestrial visitation. In April 2021, Department of Defense officials confirmed that leaked videos, which show unknown objects flying in strange patterns, were legitimate and captured by a Navy pilot. As of 2022, the Pentagon said that it received nearly 400 reports from military personnel regarding possible UFO encounters.

Grusch has also made more outlandish claims, which he has not repeated under oath.

The former intelligence officer has said that the Vatican in the 1940s was involved with a clandestine transfer of a crashed UFO from Fascist Italy to the United States. Grusch has said that government officials have committed "white-collar crime" and even murders to maintain secrecy about American UFO dealings. Grusch has also claimed that some UFOs have become aggressive with humans and that some are "like a football field kind of size."