Incompetent Gaza Terrorists Bombard Own Territory with Rockets, Kill Four Palestinians

Rockets are fired from Gaza into Israel, in Gaza May 11, 2023. REUTERS/Mohammed Salem
May 12, 2023

In a botched attempt to attack Israel, Palestinian terrorists fired more than 100 rockets into the Gaza Strip, killing several Palestinians in the process.

In an ongoing conflict between the two sides, Islamic Jihad terrorists have fired hundreds of rockets, some of which fell short in their own territory. More than one in five rockets fired by the terrorists have landed in the Gaza Strip, according to the Israel Defense Forces. At least four Palestinians have been killed by the terrorists' rockets. At least 31 Palestinians and one Israeli have died in the ongoing conflict that began last week.

Last year, Israel said Islamic Jihad terrorists killed their fellow Palestinians with stray rockets. Seven people, including four children, died in August 2022 when a missile hit a Palestinian home in the Gaza Strip. More than 100 rockets fell short in the Gaza Strip during the barrage.

The current flareup between Israel and the Palestinians began last week, the New York Times reported:

Nearly three months ago, Khader Adnan — a Palestinian prisoner in Israel and a leader of an armed Palestinian group called Islamic Jihad — began a hunger strike to protest his detention. Adnan, who was 45, died last week.

Almost immediately, his death set off violence. That afternoon, Islamic Jihad launched more than 100 projectiles toward southern Israel. In response, Israeli officials began planning a counterassault.

A week later, Israeli missiles struck three apartments across the Gaza Strip within seconds of one another early Tuesday morning, killing three Islamic Jihad commanders as most Gazans were sleeping. The assault also killed 10 civilians, according to Palestinian officials, including some of the targets’ wives and children.

Islamic Jihad retaliated a day later, firing hundreds of rockets and shells toward Israel. Some reached the skies above the suburbs of Tel Aviv, though Israel’s air defense systems intercepted many of the rockets and prevented casualties.

Palestinian terrorists fired rockets at Jerusalem on Friday, saying in a statement that the choice of city is mean to send "a message."

"The launching towards Jerusalem is a message, and everyone should understand its purpose," said the al Quds Brigades of Islamic Jihad. "Jerusalem is in front of our eyes, and what is happening there is not separate from Gaza."

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