Taliban Won’t Let Women Board Planes Without Men

Afghanistan's Taliban government in August 2021
• April 1, 2022 11:20 am


The Taliban has banned women from boarding planes unless they are traveling with male relatives, Afghan airlines announced this week.

Taliban officials on Thursday ordered Afghanistan's only two airlines, Ariana Afghan and Kam Air, to ban women from planes. The airlines complied, telling staff not to let women "on any domestic or international flights without a male relative," according to a memo obtained by AFP.

The Taliban seized power in August shortly after President Joe Biden's disastrous withdrawal of American troops from the country. They have since banned women from taking "long-distance road trips" without male chaperones and prohibited barbers from shaving or trimming men's beards.

All of these bans are "straight from Islamic law, which allows women to go out only with a male guardian and forbids … the trimming of the beard," Jihad Watch director Robert Spencer told JustTheNews.

Despite attempting to convince the world that it has become more moderate since its genocidal 1996-2001 reign over Afghanistan, the Taliban has already executed civilians, banned girls from going to school, and raided homes to arrest women's rights advocates.

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