Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin Sends National Guard Troops to Southern Border

(Win McNamee/Getty Images)
May 31, 2023

Virginia governor Glenn Youngkin (R.) announced he will send National Guard troops from his state to the nation's southern border to assist in the migrant crisis.

"The ongoing border crisis facing our nation has turned every state into a border state," Youngkin said on Wednesday. "As leadership solutions at the federal level fall short, states are answering the call to secure our southern border, reduce the flow of fentanyl, combat human trafficking, and address the humanitarian crisis."

The deployment will consist of 100 troops and last for 30 days. The move comes after Texas governor Greg Abbott (R., Texas) requested help from other states, Fox News reported.

Democrats in Virginia condemned the move. Scott Surovell, a Democratic state senator, called it "Youngkin's latest entry in the Republican presidential beauty pageant."

"We’ll definitely be looking into the legality of this," Surovell said.

The move comes as the migrant crisis overwhelms border states, which continue to bus migrants to Democratic cities. New York governor Kathy Hochul (D.) told local leaders to not be "bigots" and accept migrants. In New York City, hotel staff have reported finding migrant children intoxicated with weapons in hotel rooms that have been converted to shelters.

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