Migrant Kids Throwing Ragers in NYC Hotels Turned Shelters

MIgrants in a NYC hotel (Getty Images)
May 30, 2023

A former employee of a New York City hotel that houses illegal immigrants gave shocking details of what staffers find in rooms on a daily basis.

"Every day, we find about 10 kids alone in their hotel rooms, either drinking or doing drugs, weapons will be in the room," said Carlos Arellano, a former employee at the Row NYC Hotel. "It's basically a free-for-all."

Arellano told Fox News he once found a 10-year-old girl intoxicated and that weapons in the room is a common sighting. The Row, once a popular hotel for tourists near Times Square, closed its doors to guests entirely to accommodate large numbers of migrants coming to the city from towns along the southern border.

Arellano said the staff are not allowed to intervene when they see the disturbing sights and that they're not sure some of the adults are actually parents as they claim, since they use "fake" documents.

"But we're not allowed to go in there," Arellano said. "We're not allowed to take anything from them."

Arellano said migrants bring their mindsets from their home countries to the United States.

"They don't appreciate what they have," Arellano said. "And they come here with the mindset of the way they live back at their home country, and they think there's no rules or no laws to be followed here."

The development comes after the state's Democratic governor Kathy Hochul told local leaders to be less "bigoted" and accept busloads of migrants. Democratic mayor Eric Adams has been vocal in his opposition to Texas leaders busing migrants to his city, claiming New York is out of room.