BEASTMODE: Gaza Hospital Patient Says Hamas Should 'Go To Hell and Hide There' Instead of 'Hiding Among the People'

Al Jazeera reporter immediately shuts down interview, denounces 'massive Israeli bombing'

November 15, 2023

Liberal journalists and other supporters of Hamas, the genocidal terrorist organization that murdered 1,200 Israelis on Oct. 7, get very upset when opponents of genocidal terrorism point out that Hamas uses civilians as human shields by hiding and storing weapons in hospitals.

Most media coverage of the ongoing conflict in Gaza insists that Israel, rather than Hamas, is solely to blame for the suffering of Palestinian civilians. That is presumably why a reporter for the Hamas-aligned Al Jazeera network cut short his interview with a Palestinian hospital patient in Gaza who denounced the "resistance" terrorists for putting civilians in harm's way.

"As for the resistance, they come and hide among the people," the wounded elderly man told the Al Jazeera reporter. "Why are they hiding among the people? They can go to hell and hide there." The Al Jazeera journalist quickly shut down the interview and changed the subject to "the massive Israeli bombing in the area" [where Hamas terrorists are hiding among the people].

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