Wolf Blitzer May Be Talking to Dan Pfeiffer's Mom

September 18, 2013

CNN host and temporarily concerned parent Wolf Blitzer barraged White House strategist Dan Pfeiffer with so many questions about his health at the end of an interview Wednesday that Pfeiffer asked Blitzer if he had been speaking with his mother.

Pfeiffer said on The Situation Room he would simply listen to Blitzer's "dulcet tones" at 5 p.m. every day whenever he felt stressed to avoid a return trip to the hospital. Pfeiffer was hospitalized twice last week with stroke-like symptoms but said he's well now:

BLITZER: A lot of us were concerned when we heard you were at George Washington University Hospital with what were described as stroke-like symptoms. You seem to be okay, at least in this interview. Tell us what happened. How are you feeling? What's going on?

PFEIFFER: Well Wolf, I had a couple incidents about two weeks ago, had very good doctors at G.W. hospital and here at the White House who looked after me. I feel great. I've been back at work since right after I left the hospital, so everything is good and I'm being smart listening to the doctors and I think everything should be good from here on out.

BLITZER: Have you changed anything as far as your lifestyle is concerned? Are you eating better, exercising more, drinking a little bit more fluids, not working as hard?

PFEIFFER: Wolf, have you been talking to my mom? I've been listening to the doctors, I'm being smart and whenever I get overly stressed out I just turn on CNN just so I can listen to the dulcet tones of Wolf Blitzer at 5:00 every day.

BLITZER: That could probably send you back. All right. Good luck, Dan Pfeiffer.