WH Still Doesn’t Know How Many People Have Paid Their Obamacare Premiums


Despite boasting that President Obama’s highly touted health care exchange program has enrolled 5 million Americans, the Obama administration still does not actually know just how many Americans have paid their Obamacare premiums.

"CMS is working to provide more detailed data on who has already paid their premiums…but we don’t have specific data that is in a reliable enough form to provide," Carney admitted to reporters during Tuesday’s White House Briefing.

Below is a transcript of the exchange:

ED HENRY: Jay, can I ask you about health care? You started out by saying 5 million people have enrolled. Is that the correct word, "enrolled," since we still don't know how many people have actually paid their premiums? Is it 5 million signed up? Will we get the information on who's actually enrolled and paid their premiums?

MR. CARNEY: CMS is working to provide more detailed data on who has already paid their premiums, what percentage of the population of enrollees that includes.

We can point you to major insurers who have placed that figure at 80 percent, give or take, depending on the insurer, but we don't have specific data that is, you know, in a reliable enough form to provide.

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