Thune: Obama’s Response to VA Scandal ‘National Embarrassment’

‘This administration has shown a startling lack of concern about the widespread mistreatment of veterans in our country.’

Sen. John Thune (R., S.D.) on Tuesday slammed the Obama administration over their handling of the VA scandal in comparison to other scandals they’ve faced.

"Our contract with our servicemen and women is a sacred trust. Our men and women in uniform uphold their end of the contract, sometimes at the cost of their own lives," Thune said on the Senate floor. "For us to fail to uphold ours is a disgrace and a betrayal of their sacrifice."

"When it became clear that his health care website was a disaster, the president employed an all-hands-on-the-deck approach to fixing the problem, spending hundreds of millions of dollars in the process. In response to the V.A. disaster, on the other hand, the president has dispatched just a single staffer — a single staffer — to oversee the investigation. This is not acceptable," Thune said.

"We ought to be able to fire officials who fail in their obligation to our veterans. Yet all we've seen from the V.A. is the resignation of the Undersecretary for Health, Dr. Petzel, who was already planning to retire, hardly the accountability that our veterans deserve," Thune added.

Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R., Ill.) also expressed frustration with the way the administration is handling this crisis.

"I think there needs to be more presidential involvement. I've been very unsatisfied so far. I want to see the president not just say he's mad, I want him to actually be mad and change some things," Kinzinger said on CBS This Morning.

Kinzinger's appearance on CBS is available below: