The Leading Voice for Education Reform is About to Get Louder

Campbell Brown announces launch of education news site ‘The Seventy Four’

Campbell Brown
June 23, 2015

Campbell Brown continues to fight to ensure that American kids get the "education they deserve."

Brown, a former CNN host, announced the launch of a non-profit education news site on Tuesday that will operate "to challenge the status quo, expose corruption and inequality, and champion the heroes who bring positive change to our schools."

The Seventy Four, named after the 74 million children under the age of 18 in the United States, will launch in mid-July and will aim to give a voice to those underserved by the current system.

"We are long overdue for an honest conversation about what works and what doesn’t work," said Brown. "That’s why we started The Seventy Four, a newsroom with an unapologetic point of view that will serve as a platform for those without a voice."

Brown says that although it will be clear that the site is advocating for certain policies, the goal is to "lead an honest, fact-based conversation" aimed at "making education a front-page story."

"Our mission is to lead an honest, fact-based conversation about how to give America’s 74 million children under the age of 18 the education they deserve," according to the website.

"There are 74 million children in America, and we have 74 million reasons to talk about education," the group says in its launch video.

Brown has assembled an impressive editorial team to execute her plans for The Seventy Four.

Steve Snyder, who was previously an editor for both TIME and People magazines, was announced as editorial director for the new project.

Regular contributors to the site will include Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Cynthia Tucker, Mimi Gurbst, Conor Williams, Michelle Bernard, Margaret Hoover, Reihan Salam, and Richard Whitmire.

The financial backing for Brown’s non-profit venture is also strong and includes the support of former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s Bloomberg Philanthropies and the Walton Family Foundation.

The co-founder and CEO for The Seventy Four is Romy Drucker, who has worked in many levels of the New York City Department of Education and has worked on multiple initiatives to reform the city’s schools.

Brown's hope is that The Seventy Four will "bring the truth about America’s education system to light."

"By digging deep to uncover the facts, The Seventy Four will bring the truth about America’s education system to light," said Drucker. "And by not being afraid to take a stand on issues that are controversial and polarizing, The Seventy Four will be a driving force in inspiring others to demand change."

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