Six Months Later, EPA Employees Are Still ‘Crying at Their Desks’ Because of Trump

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt / Getty Images


Six months after President Donald Trump's inauguration, employees at the Environmental Protection Agency are still "crying at their desks."

The latest edition of Rolling Stone, which features Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau on the cover with the question, "Why can't he be our president?" goes after EPA administrator Scott Pruitt for alleged "crimes against nature."

The article features quotes from fearful EPA employees, who are still distraught over President Trump's victory.

"It's been six months, and people are still crying at their desks," one EPA staffer said.

Rolling Stone‘s contributing editor Jeff Goodell labels Pruitt a "God-fearing Christian," who is on the "wrong side of science and the wrong side of history."

Goodell was also dismayed that dozens of EPA employees told him they had not talked to Pruitt directly, or received an email from the administrator. There are more than 15,000 EPA employees.

Rolling Stone said the EPA under Pruitt is paranoid because cell phones are not allowed in sensitive meetings, without mentioning the unprecedented level of leaks occurring under the Trump administration.

The magazine added that Pruitt is "destroying the mission of the EPA" and speculated without evidence that he will leave the agency to run for Oklahoma governor in 2018 or the Senate in 2020.

"It's likely that Pruitt won't hang around at the EPA long enough for anyone to count the bodies," Goodell wrote.

The magazine also criticized Pruitt for receiving "round-the-clock Secret Service protection."

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