Samantha Bee Rips Schneiderman, Media Figures Over Sexual Harassment and Abuse Allegations

Warning: explicit language

Samantha Bee / YouTube


Comedienne Samantha Bee said progressive politics are no defense for former New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman and others accused of harassment and abuse.

In a profanity-laced opening monologue Wednesday, Bee lambasted Schneiderman for his hypocrisy and decried media figures such as movie mogul Harvey Weinstein for trying to stage comebacks. Bee previously had Schneiderman on her show and effusively praised him at the time for his progressive politics, but she was unequivocal in her denunciation of his actions.

"Schneiderman was a guest on my show, so this is a little complicated for me to talk about," she said. "Just kidding, it’s not complicated — fuck you, Eric Schneiderman."

"The good legal work that you did for women does not absolve you. It will not give me one second’s pause about tearing you a new asshole on television," Bee added.

She highlighted how men in the media have been eyeing comebacks in various ways. Garrison Keillor is seeking help to relaunch his radio show online, while Weinstein is looking for a director to make a documentary about him, and former CBS journalist Charlie Rose has been in talks to do a TV show about men accused of sexual misconduct.

Bee said the most entitled and out of touch among them was Rose, saying he has acted like journalism cannot happen without him. Allegations that he wore a bathrobe during work and exposed himself to employees made Bee remark that he seemed unable to function in adult society, and she criticized CBS for failing to take allegations seriously for years.

"The only Charlie Rose show I want to see is a reboot of ‘Shark Tank' where someone throws Charlie Rose into a tank of sharks," she said.

She highlighted how a new report soon followed that alleged Rose had not only harassed many more women, but CBS had also ignored women’s complaints about it.

Bee also admitted Rose had kissed her on the lips when he interviewed her, which she assumed at the time was him being an "average gross old man."

She also pointed out Weinstein is being sued for preventing Ashley Judd from being cast in Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings films.

Paul Crookston

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