Dem Mega-Donor Giving $1,000 Bonuses to Employees Due to GOP Tax Reform

Haim Saban / Getty


Billionaire Democratic donor Haim Saban has announced his company will be giving its employees $1,000 bonuses due to the Republican tax reform law.

Saban, a media mogul who pledged to spend "whatever it takes" to elect Hillary Clinton in 2016, wrote in a letter to staffers at his company that he and his wife, Cheryl, were inspired by Disney's decision to award bonuses to employees, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

"As you may know, at the end of 2017, the federal government enacted the most fundamental tax reform since 1986," Saban wrote, referring to the GOP tax overhaul that President Donald Trump signed into law in December. "These reforms are impacting our company in different ways, including a lower tax rate."

"We have been inspired by what Bob Iger has done for Disney employees. As the Hebrew saying goes, ‘I shall learn from all my teachers,' so we decided to follow suit," Saban's letter continued. "Eligible employees will receive a one-time after-tax bonus of $1,000. We recognize and appreciate your hard work and dedication."

Saban joined dozens of companies that have announced plans to invest more in their workers—in the form of bonuses, higher wages, or other benefits—due to the tax reform law, which, among other measures, lowered the corporate tax rate from 35 percent to 21 percent.

Saban has spent more than $27 million in support of Clinton causes, including $15 million to the Clinton Foundation, according to Mother Jones. Saban in 2012 spent over $1 million in support of Democrats.

Saban is known for being an active philanthropist, especially for causes involving Israel. He is best known as the creator of Power Rangers.

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