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Bottled Up Rage

REVIEW: ‘The Whiskey Rebellion: A Distilled History of an American Crisis’

October 8, 2023

Right-Wing Conservative Patriots Need a Hero Who Fights for Their Values. Meet Hunter Biden.

Big stick energy: This pro-gun, anti-tax American capitalist is doing everything he can to take down the Democratic president

September 22, 2023

With Church Salary, Raphael Warnock Blew Past Senate's Outside Income Limit In 2022

Georgia Democrat claims an accounting loophole that experts say doesn’t pass legal muster

August 22, 2023

Democratic Strongholds Are Seeing Their Tax Revenue Plummet

Republican states are seeing their revenue soar

June 30, 2023

Black Activists Distance Themselves From Black Lives Matter Amid Financial Collapse

Grassroots chapters slam the charity following a Free Beacon report on BLM's fundraising troubles

May 25, 2023

Regressive Behavior: New York Times Demands Higher Taxes on Poor People

Left-wing paper wants to hike the cost of life's simple pleasures

May 5, 2023
President and CEO of New America Anne-Marie Slaughter / Getty Images

IRS’s 'Non-Partisan' Pick to Study Tax System Isn’t So Non-Partisan

New America is funded by Democratic donors including Laurene Powell Jobs and George Soros

May 4, 2023