Rep. Keith Ellison Says Blog Mired in Anti-Semitism Controversy Represents the 'Sentiments of the American People'

Name checks Center for American Prejudice in speech on ethics bill

February 9, 2012

Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Min.) namechecked ThinkProgress Thursday in a speech on the House floor on the STOCK Act.

KEITH ELLISON: Politico, Washington Times, The Washington Post, Associated Press,  Roll Call or whether you’re just talking about members of the House Democratic caucus or citizens across the nation, we did pass a version of the STOCK Act today. It was a weakened version, it wasn’t good enough, and, Mr. Speaker, if Americans across this country decided that they were going to demand that there be a conference committee in which the stronger provisions were adopted, I think that would be a very good thing. Americans across this country, I think they agree with what’s written in this Washington Post article. They write, "A scaled back ethics bill headed toward likely passage in the House Thursday despite complaints from senators that Republican leaders are jettisoning, that means getting rid of, several key provisions that won overwhelming support in the Senate last week. And of course ThinkProgress probably echoes the sentiments of the American people, too, Mr. Speaker, as they write...

Free Beacon senior reporter Adam Kredo reported yesterday that the liberal blog and others are dabbling in borderline anti-Semitic conspiracy theories as debate over how to respond to Iran’s nuclear program heats up.

Last month the Washington Post covered the long record of anti-Israel and anti-Semetic comments by writers for the Think Progress blog, and quoted an Obama administration official, Jarrod Bernstein, describing the comments as "troubling."