Pro-Choice Hairstylist Fired After Kicking Pro-Lifer on Video

Canadian hairstylist Jordan Hunt / YouTube
• October 5, 2018 1:10 pm


Jordan Hunt, a pro-choice hairstylist in Toronto who assaulted a pro-life demonstrator last week, has been fired and may face police charges.

After he spoke directly to the camera of a Marie-Claire Bissonnette and roundhouse kicked her, it didn’t take long for Hunt’s identity to emerge, as LifeSiteNews reported. The pro-life news site was the first to post Bissonnette’s video and published a piece by her recounting the incident. She wrote in the article that Hunt confronted participants of the event "Life Chain" by defacing their signs and clothes with a marker before they briefly spoke and he kicked her.

A representative from his former employer, Noble Studio 101, made a statement condemning Hunt’s actions and confirming a social media post that said he was fired.

"We’re four strong women here," she said. "We don’t condone any kind of violence… Everybody has their own opinion and different ways of thinking, but violence is not the answer. He won’t be stepping his foot through the door again."

Bissonnette filed a report with the Toronto Police, whose spokesperson Katrina Arrogante said the incident is "on file and the investigation is ongoing. No arrests have been made at this time."

Bissonnette explained how the attack occurred in her article and in interviews. Speaking to the Pennsylvania political talk show "Two Way Radio," Bissonnette said incidents such as this have proven to her that leftist ideology is the key motivating factor.

"I’m realizing more and more that the leftist ideology, the crazy ideological warriors, they are motivated by their ideology, they aren’t motivated by the inherent good of free speech or the inherent good, let’s say, diversity that they say they are so fond of, or equality," Bissonnette said. "[The] virtue-signalling that they do, it’s not because they actually believe in the virtues; it’s because they want to further their agenda."

The video made it on YouTube’s top ten Wednesday. It shows Hunt defending abortion and then kicking Bissonnette, who can be heard shouting for the police to be called while Hunt says he tried to kick her phone.

"[The man] forcefully roundhouse-kicked me in the shoulder, which sent my phone flying and I yelled for someone to call the police. In defence of his violence he claimed he’d meant to kick my phone, and then, as a fellow Life Chain participant dialed 9-1-1, he yanked off the ribbon I’d been wearing on my chest and ran away, heading east," Bissonnette wrote.

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