Poll: Americans More Concerned About Energy Affordability than Climate Change


Americans are more concerned with the availability and affordability of energy than they are with climate change or general environmental concerns, according to a Gallup poll released Wednesday.

The poll comes a day after Senate Democrats spent all night on the chamber floor decrying the supposed catastrophe of carbon-induced global warming.

More respondents, 37 percent, said they worry a great deal about "the availability and affordability of energy."

A Gallup survey conducted prior to the marathon self-filibuster found that only 24 percent of Americans worry a "great deal" about climate change. Thirty-one percent said they worry a great deal about "the quality of the environment."

Democrats have pushed for legislation that even supporters admit will raise American electricity prices in efforts to reduce U.S. carbon emissions and, in theory, the earth’s temperature.

Recent EPA regulations targeting carbon emissions from coal-fired power plants will result in the closure of many of those plants. That could increase U.S. electricity prices, since coal is one of the nation’s cheaper forms of energy.

Critics of Democratic environmental policy note that the United States could completely zero out carbon emissions tomorrow with negligible impacts on global climate.