Perino and Krauthammer Break Down Poll Showing Americans Increasingly Disprove of Obamacare

Krauthammer: 'I don’t know about you, but I don’t need lactation services'

• April 29, 2014 8:22 pm


A new ABC/Washington Post poll reveals Obamacare’s popularity continues to plummet among many Americans.

Factors like high premium costs and poor coverage are contributing to the embattled law's poor standing with the electorate.

Former White House press secretary Dana Perino concurred with the latest poll numbers Tuesday on Special Report, commenting Obamacare is "very durably unpopular."

Referring to the Obamacare insurance plans that mandate certain services be provided even if the consumer does not need them, Charles Krauthammer quipped "I don’t know about you, but I don’t need lactation services."

He explained while Americans will be paying higher premiums for the new insurance plans, they will receive reduced coverage and could force many people to drive as much as two hours to visit a doctor that will accept their insurance.

The dismal Obamacare numbers extend to President Obama's poll numbers as well, Perino said.

"I think Americans can’t quite put their finger on what it is that they hate so much about the [Obamacare] law- the law itself, but it’s also the other things – the Benghazi, the IRS, the constant tone of condescension, but healthcare is what they can peg their disagreement to the President on," she explained.

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