Occupy Advertises on Craigslist

The Occupy Wall Street movement claims to represent the 99 percent, but it appears to have some recruiting problems.

The Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment has been an outspoken ally of the Occupy movement. It is now looking for part-time workers willing to take its message to the public for $12 per hour.

It has turned to Craigslist, the online help-wanted emporium famous for prostitution rings and alleged serial killers, to find new employees for the grassroots movement. The post, titled "Part Time Job: Be a part of the 99% movement," reads:

Through phone calls and door to door canvassing, canvassers will be identifying supportive voters, explaining information of critical ballot initiatives and inviting supportive families to community meetings.

ACCE wants candidates who believe in the Occupy movement:

Are you sick and tired of the rich and corporations controlling decisions about our communities? Do you think its time for banks to pay their fair share? Are you ready to stand up and be a part of the 99% movement? Then join the ACCE Canvas team!

The ACCE, however, has benefitted from the earnings of the so-called "one percent." Its Institute for Neighborhood Action wing received $50,000 from the Arca Foundation, which has made millions through its investments in businesses like Lockheed Martin, News Corp, Exxon-Mobile, and all five Big Banks.