Obamacare Success Story Now an Embarrassment

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney was pressed during Tuesday’s press briefing over the story of Jessica Sanford, a Washington resident once touted as an Obamacare success story by the President, but who is now unable to afford healthcare due to a miscalculation of her tax credit eligibility.

When asked by CNN’s Brianna Keilar on whether she could receive a subsidy, Carney said that the problem lied with the state and not the federal exchange, and referred reporters to the Washington Health Benefits Exchange.

Keilar continued to press Carney on Sanford's predicament and why she had shifted from an Obamacare success story to a prototypical Obamacare embarrassment. When Carney began to list off unrelated benefits of the Affordable Care Act, Keilar noted, "Some people, like Jessica, may just fall through the cracks?"

Carney could only respond that he did not know Sanford’s personal circumstances.