Obamacare Serco Scandal Grows

Arkansas office also pays people to do nothing

More employees from the embattled Obamacare contractor Serco are stepping forward with allegations they are being paid to do nothing, KLOR-MO reports.

Chris Nagus with KMOV broke the story last week of a Missouri Serco office where employees at a paper Obamacare processing office had no work to do.

Following his report, Nagus spoke with employees from a Rogers, Arkansas Serco office. The employees were afraid of retribution so their identities were protected.

Some of the familiar allegations include one man who said he has processed about 40 health insurance applications in six months. Moreover, the Rogers office had a day and night shift to make outbound calls. An unnamed worker told Nagus they are prohibited from calling anyone after 9 and yet are required to stay on the clock until midnight.

"So why even be there until midnight?" Nagus asked.

"I don't know," said the Serco employee. "Good question."

"So they make the calls stop at 9, so from 9 to midnight are the callers kind of bored?" Nagus continued.

"Yeah, there's nothing going on," the employee said. He added workers were not allowed to leave early.

The Rogers, Arkansas Serco office is still hiring even though there is little work. Several other anonymous Serco workers told the local media attendance is more important than processing applications, even if there is nothing to do.

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