Naked Man Breaks into Home, Offers Diamonds, Scared Off by Armed Homeowner

'The fact that he was stark naked really shocks you'

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August 3, 2017

A home invader remains on the run after stripping naked, breaking into an Arizona family's home, offering diamonds to the homeowner, and then fleeing once the homeowner pointed his gun at him on Wednesday.

Tyler Piltz and his family were put through an ordeal that left them unnerved.

"I'm just shaking," Piltz told ABC 15. "I'm still shaking. I mean, I think about my wife, had I been working today she would've been all alone."

"The fact that he was stark naked really shocks you."

Around 1 p.m., as the family of four was inside, the naked man scaled a fence and walked into the home. Piltz's wife saw the naked man and screamed for Piltz's help. That's when Piltz grabbed his handgun and confronted the naked man. Then things got really weird.

The man insisted that he'd been invited to the home and was allowed inside. He then offered Piltz some diamonds. After Piltz pointed his gun at the intruder, the naked man finally fled.

It's unclear where the naked man was going to get the diamonds from.

Piltz said the experience scared his 4-year-old daughter but that he assured her everything was going to be okay.

"She said 'Daddy, is the monster gone? Did you take care of the monster?'" Piltz told the news station. "And I said, 'Yeah, daddy got rid of the bad man.'"

He said he was prepared to do whatever it took to protect his family.

"You know, if he wouldn't have left, I know that I wouldn't have hesitated to shoot him," he told ABC 15.

Police have yet to capture the suspected home intruder.

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