Mother of Five Told by Healthcare.Gov She Faces 'Worst Case' of Obamacare Glitches

'We've technically, according to Obama, been underinsured, but we've been that way on purpose'

Shannon Wendt, a mother of five, was told by a supervisor on Christmas Eve that hers was "the worst case of the glitch" she'd ever seen, and her family is now saddled with uncertainty and no health insurance because of Obamacare's cancellations.

Like millions of others, Wendt said she ran into a dozen different problems trying to fill out the application with the federal exchange.

Wendt, appearing on Fox and Friends, added she and her self-employed husband, a real estate agent, had always chosen to purchase private insurance with low monthly premiums and a high deductible, choosing to treat smaller matters like bumps and scrapes themselves and reserving doctor's visits for more serious matters.

"For us, that has made financial sense," she said. "We've technically, according to Obama, been underinsured, but we've been that way on purpose. To us, it doesn't feel underinsured. We feel it makes financial sense for us to have a higher deductible plan and just pay these little things out of pocket, and the money that we've able to save every month on our premium, we've been putting away for years and years in the event that something comes up where we would need our deductible, where we would have some significant medical needs."

Wendt also expressed frustration with Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, saying she was clearly out of touch with Americans for thinking the Obamacare rollout was satisfactory.

"That made me laugh," Wendt said.

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