Oklahoma Man Gets Stuck in Storm Drain for 2 Days

An Oklahoma man on the hunt for his lost $20 bill got more than he bargained for when he went searching for it and instead became stuck in a sewer pipe for two days.

Police report that the man accidentally dropped the money into a storm water drain. He traveled underground to find the money, but became lost in his search for it.

Two days after his initial pursuit of the $20 bill, a group of high school students heard him screaming for help as they passed the sewer pipe he was trapped in.

The led police to arrive on the scene and crack open a manhole to reveal the trapped man.

The man couldn’t tell the police how or where he entered the city's water system, but he did tell them that he never got his $20 back.

"I was amazed. I was confused how he had gotten down there and amazed that he was still okay," said officer in training Alicia Redding. "He did not remember what day it was. He wasn't sure how long he had been down there. He was pretty dehydrated and not really sure the time or the date."

City officials said the pipe he was in had only a 42-inch diameter meaning he was forced to make his way by crawling.

Despite all of his efforts he never found the precious twenty-dollar bill he was searching for.


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