Kristol Blasts Iran for Hypocrisy on Charlie Hebdo Criticism

The Iranian government has condemned the newest cover of Charlie Hebdo, which depicts the prophet Mohammed holding a sign reading "Je suis Charlie" and with the title saying "that all is forgiven."

Bill Kristol appeared on Morning Joe where he called out the hypocrisy of the Iranian Foreign Minister.

"The Iranian Foreign Minister condemning Charlie Hebdo, that's rich," said Kristol. "Iran began the business in 1989 of deciding that they could issue a fatwa in other countries. This is unbelievable! It's one thing for them to have different views of free speech and blasphemy in their country. They are trying to export that to the West."

NBC correspondent Bill Neely agreed with Kristol and mentioned evidence he saw when he was in Iran.

"The state run, the main state run newspaper, shows the crudest anti-Jewish, anti-Semitic cartoons. Thing that would make the staff of Charlie Hebdo blush," Neely said. "It's a bit rich for the Foreign Minister to say this latest cover is a little unhelpful."