Islamic Extremists

Sanders Touts Endorsement From Iowa Dem Who Defended Convicted Terrorist

Hillary Clinton returned donations and denounced the American Muslim Alliance. Now, Sanders embraces its leader.

Bernie Sanders /Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders touted the endorsement of Ako Abdul-Samad, who once defended an al Qaeda propagandist and runs a Muslim-American organization so controversial that other Democrats have returned its donations.

What Doesn’t Cause Islamist Terrorism

The suicide bombers in Sri Lanka were affluent and well educated. That should tell us something about the war on terror.

A reduction in poverty or an increase in formal education will not reduce terrorism. Jihadists are, above all, motivated by an ideology.

Michigan’s Rashida Tlaib Joins Radical Cast at Muslim Conference

Tlaib was featured guest alongside terrorist defenders and anti-gay extremists

Michigan Democrat Rashida Tlaib was featured at the Islamic Society of North America's annual conference alongside numerous radical figures, including individuals who have defended terrorist groups, openly called for violence against Israel, and pushed for extreme punishments for homosexuals.