High School Forced To Apologize For 'USA!' Chant at Game

ANCHOR: A local school district apologizing after an apparent incident of racism at a boys high school basketball game this weekend. Tonight the Defenders looked into what happened after Alamo Heights beat Edison. Here is the Night Team’s Brian Mylar.

BRIAN MYLAR: When the final whistle blew Saturday, Alamo Heights celebrated a convincing victory over San Antonio Edison.

ALAMO HEIGHTS COACH: Tremendously proud. Tremendously. It’s the best group of kids.

MYLAR: But it was just after the trophy presentation when the coach was not proud of the chant coming from Alamo Heights fans. They chanted "USA," which San Antonio school district officials took as a racial insult to a school with all minority players from a school with mostly white ones. On our Facebook page, Santos Villarreal’s post says, "This has to stop."

LESLIE PRICE, SAISD SPOKESPERSON: This is very disrespectful to our students.

MYLAR: She said the district is glad the coach put a stop to chant immediately and hopes Alamo Heights addresses this.

PRICE: It is surprising and disappointing that anyone would be out there making those kinds of or remarks.

MYLAR: Edison students who attended Saturday’s game were shocked when they heard the chant. They thought the fans of the victors should have been better behaved.

STUDENT: I was very surprised. Very appalled.

STUDENT: They didn’t have any class.

STUDENT: It just rubbed us the long way.

KEVIN BROWN, ALAMO HEIGHTS ISD SUPERINTENDENT: We hope people know that’s not who we are and we won’t let it happen again.

MYLAR: Alamo Heights apologized to SAISD. The students identified will also have to apologized and have been banned from state title games.

BROWN: We think you have to earn a right to be there and that is not a reflection of our school district.

MYLAR: Both are trying to move past this disturbing incident. For the defenders, Brian Mylar, KSAT 12 news.

ANCHOR: And sadly this is not the first time it happened. Another SAISD school, Lanier High, faced similar incident within the last year.

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