Ellison Barber Discusses 2016 Presidential Race On O’Reilly Factor

The Washington Free Beacon’s Ellison Barber said of the people she has spoken with from Romney’s campaign, those who believe he will run again are much more confident than some who say he probably will not.

Barber joined Bill O’Reilly and Dr. Larry Sabato on Fox News’ The O’Reilly Factor to discuss how Romney’s entrance shakes up the 2016 race.

Barber said, "I also think he really genuinely believes this is the job that he was meant to do so he kind of wants to finish what he started."

If Romney and Bush decide to run, it does not figure to bode well for less known establishment contenders.

Referring to Romney entering the race, Barber said, "It is going to hurt people like Scott Walker and Chris Christie."

Unlike O’Reilly, Sabato was surprised that Romney appears to be running for a third time. Sabato agreed with Barber that even though Romney and Bush will be the clear frontrunners with their fundraising abilities, having a second major establishment figure to "split the core of the presidential electorate" may improve the chances of someone down the list such as Rand Paul.