Democrat on Kremlin Propaganda Says 'Republicans Want to Suppress the Law'

February 15, 2012

Debbie Hines of appeared on Russian Television Wednesday to discuss voter ID laws.

DEBBIE HINES: It doesn’t change anything, unfortunately the people who think you need a voter ID, you need a photo ID to vote—they think that that’s the end of the discussion. It’s just so simple, just get one. And unfortunately, the people who are going to be most affected and most harmed by it—African-Americans, senior citizens, those people who are disabled, many women, regardless of race, who change their name when they’re recently married or change their name back when they’re recently divorced—they’re going to have some issues in some of these states.

ALYONA MINKOVSKI: So, to you, is that a sign of looking at people that might have a certain political leaning? Right? That might vote for one party over the other? You could say, especially if you look at young people, if you look at women, a lot of suburban housewives, if you look at African-Americans, well they’re probably more bound to vote Democratic than Republican. That’s what the stats will show you.

HINES: That’s what I said. It’s Republican-led legislation. It’s really split down the middle, I mean, it’s Democrats, progressives think that no, we don’t need it. It’s because we don’t need the law, because there’s never been any proof that shows that we need the law. And Republicans want to flat-out suppress the law—I mean, that’s just the bottom line. They want to disenfranchise groups of people who might be more than likely to vote Democratic.

MINKOVSKI : And I thought they were all about freedom, right?  We just got back from CPAC last week and that was all you heard--was the word, freedom, freedom, freedom.

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