Communist Interrupts Ferguson Press Conference

November 24, 2014

As Gov. Nixon of Missouri attempted to answer serious questions regarding Monday’s grand jury decision on the Michael Brown case, a man named Larry Everest interrupted him.

Everest identified himself as a reporter from Revolution Newspaper, the voice of the Revolutionary Communist Party.

"If I might ask you, you need to let the alternative press speak here," Everest insisted.

He went on to ask a series of outrageous questions.

"So wouldn't a lack of indictment mean fear for black people all over this country and effectively a green light to further police violence?" Everest asked.

"And second, I would like to pose to you how you would respond to the call by Carl Dixon and many others from the Revolutionary Communist Party that if Darren Wilson is not indicted to murder, the country be brought to a halt through energetic civil disobedience by millions of people?"

It is probably safe to say that virtually nobody has heard of Carl Dixon and his Revolutionary Communist Party’s call to disobedience, and that the country will shut down by "millions of people" in support of some sort of communist revolution.

It is worth noting that Revolution Newspaper’s Facebook page has only 824 likes.

Gov. Nixon was quick to respond to Everest’s inquiry, and moved the press conference along.

"I do not know what the grand jury has ruled, nor do I know what the prosecutor will announce at 8:00 tonight." Nixon said.


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