Calif. Schoolkids: Brown's Budget 'Blows'

ANASTASIA LUBARSKY: The school’s not getting enough money for all this fun stuff for the students, like field trips and [unclear] and other fun stuff. Gov. Brown is not getting that message, so we’re blowing bubbles to get him the message.

GREG LAND: If we don’t get the initiatives passed that the governor is proposing, we’re going to have major cuts again. I don’t think people realize what’s going to happen with those cuts; we’ve been taking cuts for years, year after year, and it’s just gotten to a point where education’s going to break.

JONATHAN CZARNECKI: He lied to all these teachers. He said that he would give more money for the schools’ budget, but he’s really doing the opposite; he’s not giving it—he’s sort of it using it for some of his own goods.

LAND: If the initiatives do not pass, there’s going to be, per student, approximately $387 per student cut. And that’s going to affect every district across the board who’s a revenue-limit district. That is going to be dramatic. We already took that cut last year, so one more year is going to be very difficult to meet the needs of our students. In Redwood City and Roy Cloud we’re already at classrooms of 30-to-1, I don’t think we can go much higher.

GRANT BOYD: ‘We can’t wait until November fund, education now.’ Why is the November fund so important?

SUSIE PEYTON: The November date is really important because the governor is hoping to put an initiative on the ballot that will raise money. But schools have to budget based on what numbers are given in May and June, because they have to balance their money in June. So as of right now, the governor’s budget doesn’t give us enough money.

RYAN KOCH: It’s like really, really important because this is a really great school, and we don’t want any money [taken] from it at all.

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