Brave New Foundation Official Caught on Tape Mocking Kochs

March 29, 2012

An official from a Soros-funded organization was caught joking that the Koch brothers eat "scrambled babies" for breakfast.

Jesse Lava, campaign director at Brave New Foundation has been harassing the Koch Brothers in an effort to force the prominent Republican fundraisers to comment on an error-riddled documentary that purports to expose the Kochs as corrupt.

Brave New Foundation was recently cut from the roster of Democracy-Alliance approved organizations.

Lava recently placed a call to Koch headquarters asking for comment, but failed to properly hang up the phone, leading to an embarrassing exchange with co-workers that was caught on tape.

"We’re going to talk about your factory in Arkansas that has caused cancer for a lot of people in the community there," Lava states on the message. "I have a lot of my own members, members of my family that have died from cancer, so it’s very personal to me, and I’d love to know what your response is to our work."

Lava then attempts to hang up the phone. He fails, and his unsettling exchange with a co-worker about the Koch brothers eating habits is caught on tape:

Unidentified female: "How was that?"

Lava: "Well, gave it a try."

Female: What do you think Charles Koch eats for breakfast?

Lava: Babies? [Laughter]

Female: I agree! Babies.

Lava: Yeah, like soft-boiled babies, you know, scrambled babies. [laughter]

Female: Awesome.