‘Bill Clinton Is a Rapist’ Protestors Heckle Obama, Clinton

• October 11, 2016 9:51 pm


Presidents Obama and Bill Clinton were interrupted by protestors shouting that Clinton was a "rapist" during their separate campaign events for Hillary Clinton on Tuesday.

Obama was campaigning for his former secretary of state in North Carolina when a member of the audience could be heard shouting, "Bill Clinton is a rapist."

As the camera panned back, two people approached the stage and then turn around to face the audience. They were wearing white tee-shirts with "Bill Clinton is a rapist" written on them in marker.

"Oh no," Obama shouted as he noticed the protestors. He could then be seen smiling and laughing as they were escorted away from the stage.

He began his speech again saying, "Those are some folks who are auditioning for a reality show."

At a separate campaign event for Hillary Clinton with Bill Clinton, a protestor caused havoc by shouting about Bill's alleged past sexual assault and was forcibly removed by security.

The crowd began to boo and Clinton said, "No, don't be like them. Give them a hand. They have had a bad week."

Hillary Clinton herself was also heckled by a protester yelling that her husband was a rapist during her rally in Florida.

Bill Clinton's past with women has been heavily scrutinized since the second presidential debate. Before the debate on Sunday, Donald Trump hosted a panel of women, three of whom have accused Bill Clinton of sexual misconduct, and another woman whose rapist was defended by Hillary Clinton as a young attorney in the 1970s.