Beacon Extra 2/10/20

Biden makes first Sunday show appearance in three years as New Hampshire disaster looms

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THE STREAK IS OVER! … "Joe Biden Makes First Sunday Morning Show Appearance in 1,155 Days," by WFB’s David Rutz: His taped appearance with anchor George Stephanopoulos did not just mark his first interview on the Sunday morning circuit since launching his 2020 bid in April. Biden's 1,155-day streak stretches further back, to when Jake Tapper last interviewed him for CNN's State of the Union on Dec. 11, 2016.

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Biden during his appearance admitted he faces an "uphill fight" in this week's New Hampshire primary.

DEPENDS ON WHAT YOUR DEFINITION OF ‘IS’ IS … "Sanders: I’m Not a Communist," by WFB’s Andrew Kugle: Fox News Sunday anchor Chris Wallace played a clip of President Donald Trump calling [Bernie] Sanders a communist and saying he got married in the Soviet Union during the Cold War.

Sanders laughed at the clip and called Trump a "pathological liar."

"I'm not a communist," he said.

COMMITTED BASE … "Valerie Plame Accepts More Campaign Donations From Prominent Holocaust Denier," by WFB’s Collin Anderson: Democratic congressional candidate Valerie Plame, who faced criticism after sharing multiple anti-Semitic articles from a white supremacist media outlet, has accepted multiple campaign contributions from a prominent Holocaust denier, financial disclosures show …

Plame came under fire in 2017 after tweeting an Unz Review article titled, "America's Jews Are Driving America's Wars," which suggested that American Jews appearing on television should have a warning label "kind of like a warning label on a bottle of rat poison."

MINI MIKE TO THE RESCUE … "The Democratic Primary Is A Mess. Michael Bloomberg Is Taking Advantage.," via BUZZFEED: In light of the morass other Democrats have found themselves in after the app-induced Iowa debacle … the primary race is fluid …

There’s no other campaign quite like Bloomberg’s. First, there’s its sheer size; the campaign announced this week it plans to soon swell to 2,000 staffers. Then, there’s its unusual strategy … Bloomberg is targeting states that vote later, many of which offer many more delegates up for grabs than Iowa or New Hampshire do.

NEW HAMPSHIRE MAY PULL THE PLUG … "Joe Biden Is Preparing For The Worst In New Hampshire," via BUZZFEED: Circumstances have forced Biden to reconcile out loud with the reality: This very well could be the end …

"I’ve never paid attention to all the frontrunner talk from the time I entered the race," Biden said at the Manchester event …

That was, to be generous, a fib. Biden very much enjoyed talking about his frontrunner status when polls showed him leading nationally and in the early states.

SERIOUS AS A HEART ATTACK … "Sanders Dodges on Unfulfilled Promise to Release Medical Records," by WFB’s Elizabeth Matamoros: "[We] have released as much documentation I think as any other candidate," [Bernie Sanders said].

"But no other candidate has had a heart attack," [host Chuck] Todd told Sanders.

"You can start releasing medical records and it never ends," Sanders said. "We have released the substantive part of all of our medical records … I am in good health."

SEND THE BOMBERS … "Iran again fails to put satellite into orbit amid US worries," via AP: An Iranian rocket failed to put a satellite into orbit on Sunday, state television reported, the latest setback for a program the U.S. claims helps Tehran advance its ballistic missile program.

BUSHWHACKING COWARDS … "Insider attack in Afghanistan kills two American soldiers and Afghan serviceman," via REUTERS: Two U.S. soldiers and an Afghan soldier were killed when an individual in an Afghan uniform opened fire on them with a machine gun in eastern Afghanistan, the U.S. military and two senior Afghan officials said on Sunday.

The shootout on Saturday wounded six U.S. service members and three Afghan soldiers.

CABLE HOST NOT DISQUALIFIED BY CIVIC ILLITERACY … "MSNBC Anchor Asks If Gerrymandering Could Break Republican Hold on Senate," by WFB’s Graham Piro: MSNBC anchor Katy Tur on Friday asked if gerrymandering could help break the Republican hold on the U.S. Senate …

"Gerrymandering's not going to do anything because in the Senate, we're talking about states. You can't gerrymander states," Washington Post reporter Philip Bump responded.

A PRETTY FACE … "Economics degree holder AOC confuses Milton Friedman and John Maynard Keynes," via EXAMINER: The New York Democrat said that the "famed economist Milton Keynes predicted that by 2030, GDP and technology would have advanced so much that it would allow everyday people to work as little as 15 hours a week and provide for their families." …

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a socialist, has a degree in economics from Boston University, which she regularly boasts about online.

DEMS GET THEIR OWN CESAR SAYOC … "Man arrested after allegedly driving van into GOP registration tent," via ABC NEWS: A man has been arrested after allegedly deliberately driving a van into a tent full of Trump supporters who were working to register new voters at a shopping center parking lot.

The incident occurred on Saturday afternoon in the Kernan Village Shopping Center in eastern Jacksonville, Florida, when … 27-year-old Gregory Timm, allegedly drove a van through a tent where people were working to register voters.

BEFORE THE PURGES BEGIN … "An Open Letter to Bernie Sanders," by WFB Staff: We the undersigned represent a diverse constituency of American billionaires who support the Democratic Party. Some of us prefer to work behind the scenes creating dark money organizations pushing global disarmament and tribunal justice for the architects of the Iraq War. Some of us have bought media operations, purchasing newspapers and Internet platforms to help amplify progressive voices above the noise of Fox News. Two of us are running for president like yourself.

But all of us have one thing in common: We are human beings. We put our pants on, one leg at a time with the help of a dedicated butler, like most Americans. Last Friday’s debate in New Hampshire was hurtful and othering for all Americans with ten-digit wealth. For those of us who have fought hard for a progressive agenda, your campaign feels like a betrayal …

But we’re the guys fighting for trans-equality, ending the fossil fuel industry, and destroying the state of Israel. Aren’t these supposed to be your issues too?


"You know who really doesn’t have it? Joe Biden." —Former President Barack Obama

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