Vet Wounded by Iranian Explosives Warns Against Biden Presidency

New ad targets swing voters in Pennsylvania

October 8, 2020

A new ad that seeks to galvanize voters in the battleground state of Pennsylvania says a Biden presidency is likely to embolden the Iranian regime and loosen sanctions that have crippled Tehran’s economy.

The ad, part of a $10 million expenditure by the pro-Trump America First Action SuperPAC, features an American war vet who was wounded by Iranian explosives while serving abroad. It premiered in the Philadelphia area on Thursday and seeks to sway voters who remain concerned about the Obama administration’s landmark nuclear deal with Iran, which provided the regime with billions in cash windfalls. Biden has pledged to rejoin that deal and pursue increased diplomacy with Iran.

"That bomb was made by Iranians," says a retired staff sergeant and Purple Heart recipient identified as Robert. "Now Joe Biden wants to cut another deal with them, paving the way for Iran to get the nuclear weapon, giving in to the monsters that did this to me and my friends. Iran is pure evil and Joe Biden is dangerously weak."

With the election still close in several critical states, including Pennsylvania, Trump allies say lingering displeasure with the Iran deal could push undecided voters into the president’s corner.

The new advertisement could sway the more than 1 million voters in the Philadelphia area who disapprove of the Iran deal and tip the election in Trump’s favor, said Nathan Klein, who oversees the spending for America First Action.

The ad also is slated to run in Wisconsin and Florida through Election Day.

"Pennsylvania is an extremely competitive state," said Peter Towey, America First Action’s senior adviser for Pennsylvania. "As swing voters learn more about Biden's failures of leadership, especially his weakness in the face of the evil Iranian regime that has targeted American soldiers like Rob, the people of Pennsylvania will vote to give President Trump four more years in the White House."

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