Koch, Soros-Backed Group Trashes Biden on Chinese-State Media

Quincy Institute head not hopeful Biden will placate Beijing

Joe Biden/Getty Images
• October 29, 2020 1:50 pm


The head of a U.S. think tank funded by billionaires Charles Koch and George Soros told a Chinese state-controlled media outlet that he is concerned a Biden administration will unduly antagonize Communist China.

Andrew Bacevich, president of the Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft, told the Chinese-controlled media outlet T-House last week that Biden's foreign policy advisers will not take an "enlightened" stance on the U.S.-China relationship, which has frayed since the coronavirus pandemic crippled world economies.

"If Biden prevails, we need to pay a lot of attention to what his people propose as their basic thrust of policy," Bacevich said. "I'm not particularly hopeful it will be enlightened, but we'll wait and see."

The U.S. approach of "going abroad in searching monsters to destroy is not going to provide us with the wherewithal to deal with other kinds of problems," Bacevich added in his interview, which was disseminated over Twitter.

The Quincy Institute, an isolationist think tank, has advocated for increased cooperation with Iran, China, and other U.S. foes. The organization has led a push among isolationist foreign policy voices to lessen economic pressure on Iran and convince the Trump administration to back down from a confrontation with the globe's foremost sponsor of terrorism.

Quincy also has come under fire for hiring experts tied to the anti-Israel movement. Among the think tank's experts is Stephen Walt, coauthor of a 2007 book that accused Israel of manipulating American foreign policy—claims that are a hallmark of the isolationist camp.

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