Clinton Hires Aide Linked to 2008 ‘Shadow Campaign’

May 2, 2016

A long-time aide to Hillary Clinton who allegedly helped raise money for an illegal pro-Clinton "shadow campaign" in 2008 has been officially hired by the Clinton campaign, the New York Times reported on Monday.

Minyon Moore, a principal at the Dewey Square Group, has reportedly been appointed as a senior adviser for the operation.

According to federal prosecutors, Moore was connected to a 2008 "shadow campaign" that led to the 2014 indictments of Washington, D.C., businessman Jeffrey Thompson and political organizer Troy White.

Although Moore was never charged and was not directly named in the case—she is identified in court filings as "Individual A"—prosecutors claimed she helped direct funding to the off-the-books campaign. At the time, Moore was also working for the official Clinton campaign, against then-Senator Barack Obama.

The Times reports that Moore will advise Clinton on "political outreach and strategy":

Ms. Moore will become a senior adviser, focusing on political outreach and strategy, according to the aide. Ms. Moore will have an office on the campaign’s new 10th floor space at its headquarters in Brooklyn, along a wall featuring other top aides such as the chairman, John D. Podesta; the campaign manager, Robby Mook; the communications director, Jennifer Palmieri; and the policy adviser, Jake Sullivan.

Ms. Moore, who worked on Mrs. Clinton’s 2008 campaign as well, is a rarity in the Clinton orbit, in that she bridges the divide between the staffs of Bill Clinton and Mrs. Clinton. She is close with both the former president and the former secretary of state, adding heft to her counsel.

Moore was already a key adviser to Clinton since the start of the primary race, although in an unofficial capacity. In recent months she has also been spotted with Clinton on the campaign trail.

Moore’s firm, the Dewey Square Group is a paid consultant for two pro-Clinton Super PACs, but a spokesperson for the strategy group told the Washington Free Beacon in February that Moore was "not being paid directly or by Dewey Square Group to work on the campaign."

The firm also said the allegations about Moore’s involvement in a shadow campaign were inaccurate.

"There is nothing to say about the allegations raised by the media other than they proved not to be accurate and as stated at the time, Ms. Moore conducted herself, as she always has, not only in full compliance with the law but in accordance with the highest ethical and professional standards," said Dewey Square Group spokesperson Ginny Terzano.